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What is KANTEX?

The building sector generates the third highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada with a notable share of 13%. The North American construction industry needs new solutions that will satisfy both economic and environmental requirements. We have proudly conducted extensive research to design and develop an advanced innovative green and economical building material, which has been formulated to be compatible with Canada’s year-round climate.

KANTEX is an environmentally friendly, recyclable, strong and energy and thermally-efficient building material that can be used in single and multi-dwelling residential homes and low to high-rise commercial buildings. Its use emits fewer greenhouse gases compared into the atmosphere in comparison to lumber, concrete, and brick. KANTEX drives construction costs much lower as its light weight allows for lighter walls and floors, leading to lower foundation costs.


KANTEX has been developed based on the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete platform.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) is one of the many well-known and widely used building materials in the world. It has many advantages and benefits, not only in terms of construction, but maintenance, and energy costs. However, the most important and critical benefits of AAC lie within its fire resistance and environmentally friendly characteristics.


KANTEX continues to outperform alternatives in terms of its thermal efficiency, acoustic properties, and environmental friendliness.

Hence why the AAC market has been expanding recently all over the world. However, Canada and parts of North America have not been quick to adapt to these new building materials and it is leading to the high emissions being released into the earth’s atmosphere paired with extremely high construction costs.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Exceptional Properties in One Product
  2. Innovation
  3. Environmentally Friendly